For buyers!

The Home buying process can be both stressful and enjoyable. When you decided to buy a house, especially for the first time, you might have to consider some factors before making your final decision. Here are some questions you may ask yourself before your Realtor put you on a house hunting ride. After honestly and truthfully answer these questions, you’ll have a better idea of what you need rather than what you want.

1- Why do you want to buy a house?

2- How fast you want to buy your house?

3- Where would be your preferred location? And why you prefer that area?

4- How much can you afford to pay monthly?

5- How much is your rent now?

6- How is the situation with your credit score?

7- Do you have money for down payment?

8- Do you have at least a reserve worth of 3 months of house payment?

When you feel that you’re ready to Move and buy, let me know so I can help you with the process!

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